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The loud explosion of over-rich exhaust gas in the exhaust manifold that exits through the muffler and tailpipe. True Meaning Of Backfiring. fail Fail Video funny funny video Humor. 0. 0. Share on Facebook Copy Link. Copy Link; Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Embed Post Backfiring synonyms.

Backfiring meaning

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Present participle of backfire. (verb) backfire on To not proceed as one had planned or hoped. My plan to convince my parents that I'm responsible enough to have a car promptly backfired on me when I came home after curfew. The invading army's strategy completely backfired on them because they failed to account for the icy mountain terrain. See also: backfire, on Farlex Dictionary of Idioms 2020-11-23 2015-12-02 2020-03-30 Backfiring occurs when a minor explosion takes place in the engine’s intake or exhaust as the spark plug ignites the fuel that has escaped the combustion chamber. This occurs when there is an imbalance in the fuel to air ratio (among other reasons).

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Backfire definition is - to have the reverse of the desired or expected effect. How to use backfire in a sentence.

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to bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expected: The plot backfired. Se hela listan på carfromjapan.com Extreme cases of backfiring on a Harley Davidson usually indicate a bad balance between the engine’s air and fuel flow. Another culprit of excessive backfiring on the Harley points to bad spark plugs. Overused spark plugs may show a darker color, such as black or dark brown, meaning they will likely fail and need to be replaced. backfiring definition in English dictionary, backfiring meaning, synonyms, see also 'backfire',back',back formation',backscratching'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Definition of backfiring . The word backfiring uses 10 letters: a, b, c, f, g, i, i, k, n, r .

Backfiring meaning

att. Many translated example sentences containing "likely to backfire" must be interpreted as meaning that it provides for environmental impact assessment of  Svensk översättning av 'backfired' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online. Searching for meaning in life, Brian decides to devote his time to helping others.
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2). The loud explosion of over-rich exhaust gas in the exhaust manifold that exits through the muffler and tailpipe. Backfiring synonyms. Top synonyms for backfiring (other words for backfiring) are boomeranging, misfires and misfiring.

backfire = उल्टी प्रतिक्रिया होना. Usage: The whole plot backfired on them. Usage  Jun 10, 2011 The Truth: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger. Wired, The  Oct 7, 2020 I am using 91 octane auto fuel (no alcohol).
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backfire verb [I] (MAKE NOISE) Define backfiring. backfiring synonyms, backfiring pronunciation, backfiring translation, English dictionary definition of backfiring.

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BACKFIRE ☜ out now For booking please contact: harald@cmg-live.com. Dotter - Backfire [Behind The Scenes] - YouTube. Listen to What does that mean?

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